May 2013


A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in. – R. Orben It is a delight to work in a place where most everyone is on vacation. More often than not, guests arrive in high spirits (let’s be honest: if they just came from wine tasting they are in ESPECIALLY high spirits). Joking aside, when people venture to Solvang they are usually on a getaway with a loved one, stopping by on their way up or down the coast, or meeting up with friends or family. This means that we often get the best version of everyone. When on vacation, people are generally more relaxed and open to enjoying the moment. They laugh more easily. They smile more often. They share stories more freely. Jessy and I have repeatedly commented to each other on how great it is to work with people who are on vacation. Some days we forget that we are the ones who are working. This next week, both Jessy and I are packing our things and saying goodbye to Solvang for a bit. We are heading in the opposite direction: Jessy is visiting friends in the bitter cold of Cincinnati and […]


I visited the Bacara resort in Santa Barbara a few nights ago. I had heard good things about this sprawling oasis by the ocean but hadn’t experienced it for myself. It was dark out so I still haven’t seen a lot of the resort, but I did at least get a sense of the grandness of the place. It was huge and fancy and I can imagine that it’s quite lovely in daylight. On this night, however, Jessy and I were just looking for a good place to grab a drink and some food before heading to UCSB. I now believe that everything at the Bacara is grand: the shrimp in my shrimp cocktail were certainly some of the largest in the sea. Or, at least the largest I’d ever seen. Or eaten. Yum. When we explained to the bartender that we were heading to a lecture at UCSB he was genuinely puzzled. “You want to listen to a lecture?” We nodded. “I can get my dad here to give you one.” Even after we did some explaining – that we’d both read an excellent memoir in the past year by the author who was speaking – he wasn’t getting […]

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