August 2013


I had to work pretty hard on Sunday night to keep my hand steady while holding a plastic cup of wine. I was laughing quite hard during the PCPA Theaterfest production of Spamalot and keeping myself from spilling was not an easy feat. I’m a relative newcomer to Spamalot and anything Monty Python, really. I’ve seen a few clips before and recognized some of the acts but I was surrounded by a theater full of folks who knew nearly every line of the show. We were all laughing and thoroughly enjoying every moment. I was sitting next to a friend who graciously let me know when I’d missed a joke (I must confess, I did have about a 10 second humor delay for the first half until I finally got in sync). My “Monty Python superfan friend” was quite impressed with the acting and repeatedly told me that it was acted just like the original. I didn’t have to recognize the scenes to laugh out loud at them. It was well done and hilarious. I’m proud to say that I didn’t make a mess of my wine either. Good wine and great entertainment under a canopy of twinkling stars – […]

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