October 2013


Warm days, chilly nights, and the turning color of vineyards from deep green to oranges and yellow – all signs of the arrival of autumn in the valley. There is an exciting energy that comes with this time of year – grapes are ripened and ready to be turned into wine. Harvest is full-swing here in the Santa Ynez Valley. Jessy and I have been spending a few mornings each week helping a friend of ours at her winery. Each day is full – there are grapes being picked, crushed, soaked, pressed and put in barrel. It’s messy, delicious work; just last week I went home from a few hours covered in Pinot juice. I think it’s the magic of wine that I fell in love with. Watching winemaking up close I see that it is a labor of love – around here many wineries are built on very hard work, dedication to the craft, and an intense love of the power of wine. A bottle of wine can bring people together in conversation and community. A glass of wine can create a moment of peace, reflection, and connection to the earth in a unique way. Wine can turn a […]

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