In summer, the song sings itself. ~William Carlos Williams

Summer is here! We are already enjoying the long, sunny, glorious days that come with this season. It has become a tradition for my daughters and I to put together a summer list – full of those activities and experiences that we are anticipating and ready to enjoy. We’re getting ready to cross the first one off the list this weekend as we celebrate the summer solstice with a pool party.

There are so many fun celebrations and events in the Santa Ynez valley during this season. This weekend, Sunstone Winery is hosting their 2nd annual summer solstice celebration featuring their delicious wines and some great live performances by local musicians. One of our favorite times of the year is the all-day celebration of the 4th of July in Solvang. This all-day party begins with a parade in the morning, a carnival during the afternoon, and an incredible fireworks display to top it all off (this makes our list every year). Many of the local wineries are hosting events all summer long – BBQ’s, movie nights and live music. You can find details on some of these fun events at Firestone Winery, Foley Estates, Buttonwood Winery, Lincourt Vineyards, Kalyra, and Demetria Winery.

A few other events that deserve serious consideration for any summer list are Bacon and Barrels at Saarloos Field and the 2nd Annual Santa Ynez Valley Polo Classic (Jessy and I just recently became introduced to Polo and I must say it was a fabulous experience). Be sure to check out the event calendars online at Visit the Santa Ynez Valley and the Santa Ynez Valley Wine Club to get more information.

So, get busy making a list! More importantly, enjoy this season to the fullest. We hope to see  you during the weeks and months to come!